China Packages

The third-largest country in the world by size, China is bounded to the north by the deserts of Mongolia, to the west by the Tibetan plateau and the Himalayas, and to the east by the East and South China Seas. China's 22 provinces and 5 autonomous regions are governed from Beijing, along with some 5000 islands. China isn't just a country – it's a different world.
 Be impressed by the high standard of hotels, by the friendliness of the people and how safe it is to travel around.
It is also a land of towering mountains and epic landscapes – background scenery to the fall of dynasties, the rise of emperors and the turning of the revolutionary wheel.
Unless you have a couple of years and unlimited patience, it is best to follow an itinerary such as Beijing to Tibet via Xian's Terra Cotta Warriors or following the Silk Route or sailing down the Yangtze River or simply let Goway plan your trip.